Frac Plug PDC

Diamond Devil (frac plug) Destroyer
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Palmer Bit is the industry leader in PDC manufacturing and design.   Located in the Bakken Oil field of North Dakota, local companies came to us with a task. 
At the time there was not a frac plug PDC on the market that could be run with reverse circulation.  The tricones and mills available were not cost efficient to run.
We needed to design a PDC that would have the strength and durability to mill out full strings of frac plugs, cement and solids faster than anything on the market.   The bit also needed large circulation ports and a bored-out throat, to be able to send all the chips and cuttings through the bit.
We made a one-piece tapered design with small 10-13 mm high quality PDC cutters to produce small chips.  We enlarged each circulation port to an amazing 1 inch and bored out the throat to 1.5 inches.
After months of design, research, and development, once again, the Palmer Bit team came through,

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