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6-Wing PDC Bit

The 6-wing PDC drill bit is designed with speed and durability to break through hard formations. Our durable, open body PDC cuts through the most rock-solid formations resulting in higher penetration rates and lower project costs.

6-Wing Bit Benefits for Hard Formation Drilling:

  • High penetration rates lower project costs
  • High durability reduces cutter wear
  • Extra circulation port reduces plugging
  • Design delivers faster and smoother drilling

A bit designed to last. A bit designed to increase your bottom line. That’s what our 6-wing bit is about. It’s durable—it punches through those hard formations without wearing down. It produces higher penetration rates—you’ll drill through in a fraction of the time. It has unparalleled drilling speed and smoothness—your rig will thank you for it.

Standard Sizes for Immediate Availability: 4 3/4” to 6 3/4”  (121 mm to 171 mm)
Other sizes available upon request.

Contact us for pricing.

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